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48 Lexham Gardens
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Psychology Practice Eva Galestien- Therapy for children & adolescents, South Kensington, London.

The practice offers support for children and adolescents. AD(H)D, anxiety and feelings of moodless/ depression, lack of confidence, stress and stress symptoms, work- or schoolproblems, social problems etc.

Child- and adolescent psychology



You may be worried about the behavior or development of your child as parent(s). He or she may not be feeling well, is getting angry easily, feels often sad or is regularly anxious or may have sleeping problems. You may or not know what is causing this; however you are looking for help to solve the situation. Perhaps you just need support being parents, taking away a sense of insecurity or feeling powerless in raising your children. 

Being a recognized Psychologist / Cognitive Behavior Therapist (BABCP / VGCt) and Counselor (BACP), I have a wide experience in working together with children and parents. Together we will have a look at what help suits you the best, based on the question you have.

The practice offers both individual therapy for children (from 8 years) and / or parental guidance.

16 years or young adult

Even if you are young, you can sometimes feel uncomfortable; You may feel moodless, anxious or sad. Also, you may not feel completely understood by your (direct) environment, comprising of your parents, supervisors at school, or people at work.

Would you like to talk with someone who knows about it? Someone who can think with you? That's possible. Together, we look at what support best fits the question you have.

Strictly confidential

The conversations are strictly confidential. The information discussed is covered by the professional confidentiality of the professional bodies of psychologists / cognitive behavioral therapists and counselors. This means that no information is provided to third parties without your explicit consent.