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Psychology Practice Eva Galestien - Testimonials, Reviews.

Reviews from clients. Testimonials.


Eva Galestien

Hearing about experiences from past clients can help people seeking for psychological help in their decision making. The following clients have consented to (anonymously) share their evaluation of their treatment. They were asked the following questions:

  • What has changed since the start of your treatment? What has worked for you?

  • How would you describe the treatment and the contact with the psychologist?

  • What grade would you give the total treatment?

  • Did the therapy / coaching give you more grip on your problem / issue?

  • Would you recommend the practice to friends/family/colleagues?

“The sessions have given me awareness of my own thoughts and behavioural patterns. By constant practise and evaluation I feel I've become so much more aware of myself and I now feel that the same situations don't impact my emotions that much anymore. I'm very lucky to have immediately found a psychologist who understands me and really helps me. She's wonderful. I feel so much better since my treatment. I get the feeling the psychologist really cares for me; she remembers the details I've shared in previous sessions and guides me to gaining insight in myself. Yes yes yes I would recommend the practice to others! Eva is professional, caring, helpful and knowledgeable” - L, Dutch, May, 2018.

“ Since the start of my treatment my anxiety has improved massively. My life felt out of control and that I couldn’t achieve anything but I feel now so much better and am able to start achieving my future goals. I would say I now feel 9 (10= maximum achievement goals). The contact with my therapist was excellent. Eva is a fantastic therapist that gave me so much support and encouragement, not just during the sessions, but she always answers emails very quickly and sent me lots of extra advice. I felt she was always there supporting me. The sessions were great as they were tailored to my exact needs. Eva and I always discussed how we would spend each session so I always felt control and that I could achieve everything I needed in the session” - A, British, May, 2018.

“ I feel that I have accomplished many of my goals and I feel more confident to get through future challenges. There were many problems thought I would not be able to overcome which I have been able to. I feel being able to open up and talk about my issues was very important and helped me a lot. Also assignments/ tasks I have been set have been very helpful in allowing me to push myself and realise that I can cope with the challenges I face. I found the sessions to be very helpful and I always enjoyed them. I felt Eva was very understanding of my problems and also incredibly helpful and supportive to me throughout” - E, British, May, 2018.

"As this was my first experience I was unsure what to expect, and although the experience  wasn't easy I think my psychologist was extremely supportive and helpful in pushing me to achieve my desired goals. The therapy was comfortable, supportive and I felt in a safe environment to share my most personal thoughts and feelings" - M, Scottish, January, 2018.   

"I am fairly happy with what I have accomplished. I feel like I have advanced quite far and would rate it at 7, considering I could have been more proactive in applying the techniques outside of the sessions. I liked the practical, handson approach and experienced the sessions as very structured and efficient" - W, Swedish, December, 2017. 

"I rate the treatment a 8.5. The treatment was actually better than expected. My goals were achieved, I got more grip on my situation and I could be myself during the sessions. In addition we went into aspects in detail, and follow up questions were asked when needed. I experienced the sessions as very positive, I felt well understood by Eva, she recognized that it was ok / normal what I felt, which I needed during the conversations "- J, Dutch, September, 2017.

"Eva recognised that I needed to talk a lot to begin with, which is just what I needed to allow myself to recognize the problem. I would describe the treatment in general as very straight forward, with consistent practice of the CBT method, which worked for me. I rate the treatment a 8" -  F, British, September, 2017.

"For me it worked to reflect on how to achieve on my goals and ambitions. I would give the total treatment a 8. It covered everything, was in-depth, it was convenient and Eva was easy to communicate with" - R, British, May, 2017

"I am feeling much more better, more confident and optimistic. Eva supported me to change the way I am thinking. Also, the sessions gave me new insights. I am really happy with the treatment; it was goal focused, clear and transparent" - A, Dutch, April, 2017.

"I learned to better stand up for myself and improve my ability to recognize my own emotions and needs. The advise, discussion about reflection and having realization moments has helped me. Eva was very nice to talk to and well able to identify the ares that needed attention. She understood everything very quickly. I rate the treatment a 7, considering I personally had more room to raise the treatment to the next level. I have already recommended Eva's practice to someone else"- I, Dutch, February, 2017.

"I became more equipped to make informed choices and decisions. I found the reflection and ability to talk to an independent person about events very valuable. The conversations were often based on reflection and events of the past week. Eva has helped to organize this and to draw lessons. The contact was open, peaceful and went well. I rate the treatment an 8 as it helped me get out of a difficult period in my life"- A, Dutch, December, 2016.

"I feel like I have achieved some good progress on my goals. Reflecting a lot daily and also facing the feelings they are. Also doing things that make me little happier and working tiny bit by tiny bit on my goals. I rate the treatment a 10 because I am feel and see the changes in myself. I would recommend the practice to others as I have a good example of how the sessions helped me"- A, Russian, December, 2016.

"I learned no to think too much, but to just do things. I'm very happy. I got a good explanation of the approach of treatment and coaching. I rate the treatment a 9 as I've entered an upward spiral"- R, Dutch, November, 2016.